Masanori UshikiGraphic Artist

A graduate of Musashino Art University, Masanori Ushiki draws predominantly on Japanese popular culture, including anime, manga, and tokusatsu (films using special effects) in his work. His art—sometimes humorous, sometimes trendsetting—is in tune with the times and well suited for contemporary media, such as online video, advertisements, video games, and idol culture, both in Japan and abroad.

Masanori was entrusted with the task of designing a Christmas character for the Isetan Shinjuku department store in 2015. In 2016, he was featured working on a painting in a Toyota Corolla advertisement for the Asian market. In 2019, he held a solo exhibition at the POCKO gallery in London and collaborated with Sanrio on a product involving its iconic Hello Kitty character.

Ryogo Toyoda3D Illustrator

Building on his production experience as a graphic designer, in 2014 Ryogo Toyoda moved into 3D illustration. With that as his focus, Ryogo has worked on character designs, advertisements, and video projects.

Ryogo was given a speaking platform at the 2016 Cinema 4D Maxon user meeting. In 2017, a book he contributed to, Cinema 4D Creator’s Bible, topped the Amazon bestseller list in the category of books on CG (computer graphics). His 3D art was prominently displayed throughout Lumine stores as part of the 2018 LUMINE Xmas Campaign. In 2019, his work was used in the Xmas Campaign for the iSQUARE shopping mall in Taiwan. In 2020, he cofounded the AvantForm platform with Beeple and other leading 3D artists from around the world.


After completing his postgraduate studies in printmaking at Tokyo University of the Arts, Moriwo began his career in video-game design. He also has experience in consumer electronics, mobile-phone content, and smartphone applications, as well as publishing and planning. He is now the art director in a game-development company.
With a keen passion for creative endeavors of all kinds, Moriwo also runs a chain of stationery stores in Kamakura and Miyagi as well as an art gallery in Roppongi, Tokyo. On top of that, he is active in various regional-regeneration projects.
Moriwo made his name in art and design, but his interdisciplinary approach to art and his passion for weaving together images from different cultures are manifested in his work, including his design for this project—where you can see diverse genres, eras, and cultures converge.