The stainless steel bottle that carries Japanese traditional beauty to the world


Normal price
¥20 JPY (Tax included)
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¥20 JPY(Tax included)
Normal price
¥20 JPY (Tax included)


Limited to 100 per each pattern(Limit One pattern per Order)

This product ships with a gasket stopper.
You can purchase additional stoppers at the Tiger Parts Shop.


A creation of traditional beauty using the latest technologies

There is a variety of traditional crafts in Japan developed by cultures all over the country.
For carrying the beauty of traditional crafts in Japan,
Tiger Corporation provides pleasure for touching
and using the beautiful stainless steel bottle everyday by texturing the traditional
beauty on the bottle with the latest technology.


Japanese symbol "FUJI"

Mt. Fuji is a true Japanese symbol,
regarded as a very special mountain.
Its majestic appearance is firmly established in the minds of Japanese people.
“Sakasa Fuji” in particular refers to views
of Mt.Fuji seen as reflections in a lake, and is considered to bring good luck.
Mt. Fuji is also seen as a motif in many different crafts.
For example, with metal containers, surface areas of the depicted
Mt.Fuji are beautifully
expressed with a delicate
finish applied by intensive hammer strokes.



Traditional Japanese toy “TEMARI”

Temari refers to a traditional ball played
with hands that dates back centuries.
Girls would bounce temari as they sang songs.
A ball of cotton is wound around and around tightly
using many differently colored thread.
This results in beautifully colored attractive geometric patterns.
Colorful temari were made by families as
an everyday toy that happened
to be extraordinarily beautiful.



Custom to transfer thoughts “MUSUBI”

“Kumihimo” is a braided cord that is fashioned by
interlacing colorful fine silk threads,
cotton yarns .“Mizuhiki” is a special decoration for gifts,
made with beautifully knotted cords.
These cords are regarded as a unique Japanese “tying” culture.
They can also be found in the ceremonial robes worn for Shinto rituals,
and are believed to connect souls. Special knots are used to transfer thoughts
in other traditional customs as well. It is rugged and rich in preservability and
As well as being gorgeous artforms, Kumihimo and
Mizuhiki are a delicate and profound artform.



Japan's most appreciated blossam "SAKURA"

Sakura blossoms are associated the most as
Japan’s representative flower,
blooming for just a short period during
spring and fallingsoon. The transient
beauty of sakura attracts people.
Sakura is often chosen as a subject in various crafts,
probably as efforts to retain its distinctive beauty.
Cloisonné ware known as “shippo-yaki” can beautifully express the soft,
blurry tone of the delicate thin petals
that translucently overlap each other by use of glazes.



Japanese winter scene “ARARE”

“Arare”,hail in Japan is often seen during very cold mornings and evenings,
falling smoothly for a limited time.
People fascinated by
hail’s delicate graciousness created
“arare monyou” or hail patterns.
The arare monyou pattern is
often applied to castiron kettles.
It’s easy to imagine scenes where people are
enjoying cups of hot tea on a cold winter morning.


Paulownia box and washi

Each one is wrapped manually in a dedicated paulownia box and Japanese paper bag.

Paulownia box

Paulownia wood is lightweight and has excellent moisture resistance,
and its beautiful grain makes it an elegant tree.
The paulownia box dedicated to the bottles is carefully crafted by skilled craftsmen who specialize in wooden boxes that store traditional crafts such as rice bowl and paintings.
Stored in such boxes, the bottle delivers traditional ”technique” and “heart”.
A craft-like bottle in a paulownia box will be appreciated as a memorable gift for loved ones.

Japanese paper

Japanese paper, an old Japanese paper with a long and unique texture.
The delicate sheer feeling and touch can be enjoyed by both watching and touching, and it will surely remain in the hearts of important people.


New texture

FUJI, TEMARI, MUSUBI, SAKURA and ARARE. Each of the traditional aesthetics is reproduced in a rich three-dimensionality with advanced technology that repeatedly adds finely tuned colors and fine patterns.

Made-in-Japan Quality

Our expertise in making stainless-steel bottles has been honed over the many years since Tiger was founded in 1923. Decades of development in bottle finishes and advances in vacuum insulation go into each bottle. And our tireless attention to detail extends to assembly and packaging. Every bottle part is made to exacting standards in Japan, and the finished bottle leaves our factory only after we are completely satisfied with it.

Vacuum insulation can keep beverages either hot or cold.

Two-layer stainless-steel construction promotes the retention of either heat or cold!
Hot drinks are kept piping hot, and cold drinks stay icy cold. Your favorite beverage is kept at just the right temperature until you are ready to drink it.

Super Clean Finish

The interior wall of the bottle has our signature Super Clean Finish. The pristine polished surface resists stains and odors and can be kept clean with just a quick wash and rinse. (For best results, please rinse immediately after use.)

Exceptionally smooth interior finish resists stains and prevents rust.

Tiny irregularities in the surface allow pit marks and unpleasant odors to develop.

Silky-Smooth Mouth

The bottle’s smooth mouth strikes a balance between the cleanness of stainless steel and drinking comfort. The mouth is gently curved, so you feel as if you are drinking from a porcelain mug.

Compact Lightweight Design

The bottle weighs only 230 grams, so you can put it in your bag every day and forget it’s there.


Heat retention

1 hour Greater than 87℃ / 189°F
6 hours Greater than 71℃ / 160°F

Cold retention

6 hours Less than 9℃ / 49°F



Size (approx.)

7.1cm 7.1cm 20.1cm

Weight (approx.)

  • The capacity indicated refers to the actual volume of water that can be stored in the product when the stopper is closed.
  • For heat retention, 95°C (±1°C ) water in a bottle that is placed upright in a 20°C (±2°C) room will retain its temperature for up to six hours.
  • For cold retention, 4°C (±1°C ) water in a bottle that is placed upright in a 20°C (±2°C) room will retain its temperature for up to six hours.


Safety Precautions

  • Do not place the product near any heat source.
  • Be sure to close the stopper securely.
  • Do not overfill the product since this may cause spillage.
  • Do not let infants play with this product.
  • Do not put dry ice or carbonated beverages in this product.
  • Do not soak this product for extended periods of time or put it in a dishwasher.

Instruction Manual

You can access the instruction manual online via the link below.