Frequently Asked Questions

(About the MXV series)

Are the bottles heavy?

Tiger bottles are Tiger's unique "Dream Gravity Bottle" that are both lightweight and easy to carry.

Body + Lid

Capacity 350mL 500mL 600mL
Approx. Weight 0.17kg 0.21kg 0.23kg
Isn't it difficult to clean?

Maintenance is easy because both the main body and the stopple are washable. For details on how to care, see the Instruction Manual.

Does it create a loud sound when you place the bottle down?

As Tiger bottle has a resin bottom, it is cushioned and hence will not create a loud sound when you place the bottle down.It has also gained a good reputation for use in fitness studios because it protect the floor from being scratched and it does not get knocked over easily when the floor is slippery.

What is the difference between these two types of lids?

This is the difference between "one-push lid" and "screw lid".

Push to slide open & auto lock "one-push lid". You can drink quickly one-handed and it will lock automatically when you close the lid. It is leak proof so you can have a peace of mind when storing in your bag.

Screw lid comes with a strainer which prevent ice from gushing out when you drink ice beverage. When drinking hot drink, it will also helps in controlling the flow of liquid.

You can also purchase extra lid as they are interchangeable, so you can use them best to your needs with just one bottle.

How long will heat-retention and cold storage last?

Tiger bottles reduces temperature change by employing vacuum insulation.

Those displayed in the following is the approximate numerical value.

When using "one-push stopple (plug)"

Capacity 350mL 500mL 600mL
Heat retention
(1 hour)
over 85℃ / 185℉ over 86℃ / 186℉ over 87℃ / 188℉
Heat retention
(6 hours)
over 63℃ / 145℉ over 69℃ / 156℉ over 72℃ / 161℉
Cold retention
(6 hours)
below 9℃ / 49℉ below 8℃ / 47℉ below 8℃ / 47℉

When using "screw stopple (plug)"

Capacity 350mL 500mL 600mL
Heat retention
(1 hour)
over 85℃ / 185℉ over 86℃ / 186℉ over 87℃ / 188℉
Heat retention
(6 hours)
over 65℃ / 149℉ over 71℃ / 159℉ over 73℃ / 163℉
Cold retention
(6 hours)
below 9℃ / 49℉ below 8℃ / 47℉ below 8℃ / 47℉
Can I fill it with sports drinks?

Yes, but not for an extended time as sports drinks contain salts that may corrode stainless steel, hence care should be taken immediately after use. Wash the inside of the bottle immediately with water when you have finish the drink to rinse off any salt content that may still be present in the bottle. After which, wash thoroughly when you reach home.

Can I fill it with soda (carbonated drink) or miso soup?

No, never put dry ice or carbonated drinks as they will build up pressure in the sealed bottle. Also, please do not put milk, milk drink, fruit juice, miso soup etc. See the Instruction Manual for details.

"Soup Cup" is recommended for carrying soups.

If you would like to know more about Vacuum Insulated Bottle products other than the above, please also refer to "FAQ" of Tiger Corporation.」

I’m considering making a purchase, but I’d like to know where your bottles are manufactured first. Where are they made?

Tiger bottle parts are manufactured in the following countries:

  • Stainless steel body and lid -> Vietnam
  • Gasket -> China
How big is the bottle?

Please refer to the comparison of 3 types (350ml, 500ml, 600ml).

When I shake the bottle, it makes some noise like something light hitting something hard. I wonder if water leaks inside.

You do not need to worry because it is noise made by some metal foil touching and no bad effect on the functionality. They are contained in the bottle to make it more effective in terms of temperature keeping.

Regarding the products
(MJS/MJX types)

I am concerned about the size and the weight. How much is it in size and weight?

It is approximately 7.1 cm (width) x 7.1 cm (depth) x 20.1 cm (height). It weighs approximately 0.23 kg.

How long is it effective in terms of temperature keeping (both warm and cold)?

It can surely keep warmth and coldness with the vacuum insulation effect (please see below for the estimated values).

Effective to keep warm at 87℃ or over (1 hour), at 71℃ or over (6 hours)
Effective to keep cold at 9℃ or less (6 hours)

I am thinking of buying one. I am concerned where they are produced.
In which country are they produced?

They are made in Japan.

When I shake the bottle, it makes some noise like something light hitting something hard. I wonder if water leaks inside.

You do not need to worry because it is noise made by some metal foil touching and no bad effect on the functionality. They are contained in the bottle to make it more effective in terms of temperature keeping.

Regarding the product (anti-bacterially processed lid)

I heard that the lid is produced in a special way to make it antibacterial. How does it work?

It is expected to suppress propagation of bacteria.

Which parts of the lid are antibacterial?

The exact parts of the lid which are antibacterial are as follows:

  • One-push lid >lid (except the button), drinking spout
  • Screw lid >lid/stopper cover, stopper itself
What is the processing method?

The method of kneading antimicrobial agent into the plastic material (polypropylene) is used.

What kind of antimicrobial agent is used?

Silver-based antimicrobial agent is used.

Which organization do you ask for its testing?

We use Osaka Office of Kaken Test Center (General Incorporated Foundation).

Please tell us the test result.

The antimicrobial property was 2.0 or above (99% suppressed after 24 hours).


I was prompted the membership registration screen for TIGER FOREST. However, can I purchase without registering?

Yes, you can purchase without registering the membership. However, we encourage you to join as a member as there are perks as a member and one of them is that you can track your order history easier.


This is a web-site for members operated by the Tiger Corporation, started in 2020. For details "Become a TIGER FOREST member".

I am experiencing problems with registration online.

Please check the following site. If that doesn't work, please contact us.

  • Please create a password that is at least ten characters long, consisting of uppercase and lowercase letters and at least one numeric character and one special character.
  • Please make sure that you enter your e-mail address in half size of alphanumeric characters.
  • Check that you are operating in the recommended environment.
  • If you are unable to register, please let us know the details of the error, such as an error message, the type of browser you are using, and the model of your smartphone.
What is the recommended environment of the member registration site?

Currently, these are the browser versions as listed.

  • As of March 2020

For smartphone:

  • Safari latest version of iOS11 or higher
  • Standard browser of Android 5.0 or higher

For CPU or Laptop:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0 or higher
  • Firefox latest version
  • Google Chrome latest version
  • Safari latest version
  • Microsoft Edge latest version


Where can I change my registered email address?

It can be changed from from your membership information page.


I forgot my password. How do I request for a new one?

On the login screen, click the word "Forgot your password?", enter your registered e-mail address in the input form to "Reset password", and click the [Send] button.

Alternatively, please open the "Reset Password" page below.

An email will be sent to the registered address with the URL to reissue password. Click on the URL in the email to complete the procedure.

Can I change or add a registered address?

Yes, you can. The registered address can be changed or newly added from your my page>your address.

When multiple addresses are registered, the default address will be displayed first. You can change the default address with "Set this address as default". However, all registered addresses can be selected as destination address.

Please note that you cannot change your shipping address after completing your order, hence please check on your shipping details before carting out.

How do I stop receiving mailers through emails?

Please apply from the "unsubscribe" link in the footer of the mailer received.

Or, from your membership information page please change the setting of mailer delivery to "Do not receive".

Emails for order completion and shipment completion will be sent to you if you do not wish to receive an e-mail magazine.

Where can I cancel my membership?

From your membership information page, you can cancel your registration by pressing the "Unsubscribe" button. After canceling the registration, all your personal information will be completely deleted and your past order history will be lost. Please note that it cannot be revived later.


How can I pay?

You can choose from "Credit card payment" or "Cash on Delivery (COD)"

Can I ship it out as a gift?

There are two types of gift wrapping as follows.
Please check the desired type of wrapping in the shopping cart screen at the time of order placement.

  • Gift wrapping
    Eco-bag 400 yen (before tax)
  • Noshi + wrapping paper
    Noshi slip added on the top of the box+wrapping paper 550 yen (before tax)
Will a delivery statement be included in the package in case of a gift?

Yes. However, if the sender and the receiver are different, we will send a delivery statement with no prices written.
Please write in the note column of the shopping cart that no delivery statemen is required if you don’t want us to send any.

I have ordered several bottles. Is it possible to wrap separately each bottle as a gift?

Yes, it is possible.Please enter in the Note column details about how you would like us to make a gift package such as combination, No. of desired eco-bags, etc.
However, it may take a little more time for delivery, for we will make an estimate of the wrapping cost for you.
Please pay the additional wrapping cost after our estimate is sent to you. We will deliver the products after payment confirmation.

How many bottles can you put in the same gift package at the maximum?

Up to each 2 bottles and 2 lids can be packaged as one gift.
However, if you would like to use an Eco-bag for an order of 3 “bottles”, we will deliver the products covered with an Eco-bag.
In the case of 2 product boxes (e.g. 4 bottles) or more, please be advised that you will be requested to pay additional wrapping cost. After order is made, we will inform the customer of an estimate of the cost by sending an e mail to the mail address entered at the time of order placement.

Is it possible for you to add a Noshi white paper on top of the box?

Yes, it is possible.
The product box will be wrapped by a wrapping paper and then a Noshi whitepaper slip will be added on the top. It is possible to put up to each 2 bottles and 2 lids per outer box.
A simple type Noshi will be used. Please write in the Note column how you would like us to put Noshi such as “inside the wrapping paper” or “outside” choice in addition to what should be written in the upper space (occasion type) and how you want to do with the naming space.
If we see no specification about the above, we will place Noshi inside the wrapping paper and leave the upper title space and naming space just as blank.

Is it possible for you to write a name or names in the naming space of Noshi?

Yes, it is possible. After choosing “Noshi + wrapping paper”, please write a name or names you want us to write in the naming space.

Is it possible to choose an occasion type for the title part of Noshi?

Yes, it is. After choosing “Noshi + wrapping paper”, please write a title (occasion type) you want us to write in the upper title space.
If you would like us to write a title (occasion type) and your name in English on Noshi, please be advised that it will be written vertically.

Is invoice issued?

Yes, you can obtain a receipt. Simply log in to your my page, click Order History, find your order, and click View Order. Finally, select Print Receipt.

I've completed my order, but I haven't received the order confirmation email.

If you do not receive the email, please check your spam folder or check your receiving settings so that you can receive emails from [ ].

If you are a registered member of Tiger Bottle (web-site), you can check the order history in your my page.

If you would like to resend the "Order Completion Email", please let us know via the inquiry form.

Regarding purchase reservation

Could you send me a product if there is stock?

We are really sorry to say, but if you ordered both regular shipping products and products booked for purchase in one order, the regular shipping ones will be delivered together with the booked ones. Also it is not possible for us to ship the products on your desired delivery date. If you are in a hurry, please cancel the order and place an order individually for each product. If you would like to cancel, please contact us.

Is it possible to ask for delivery on the desired date of the products booked for purchase?

We are sorry but you cannot specify the desired delivery date and time. Please don’t specify the desired delivery date and time when you place an order.

Can I know when it will be delivered?

As soon as the product arrival date to our storehouse is confirmed, we will inform the customer

Is it possible to cancel the products already booked for purchase?

Basically it is not possible to change or cancel after reservation order. However, we will try to respond your cancellation request unless preparations for product delivery are started. In case the delivery preparation work has already started, it will be treated as a product return. Please be advised that you will be required to pay for the delivery cost.
It is not possible to change the order contents, so please cancecel the order and place a new order. If you need to cancel, please contact us.

How to use the coupons

I have not yet received the coupon code.

Please check your junk mail folder. It could be found there. If you don’t find it there, please let us know via the inquiry form.

Please tell me how to use the coupon.

You can use it within the Tiger Bottle Website. After clicking “To take the purchase procedure”, enter the coupon code in the screen where the delivery destination address is to be written. And press “Apply”.

Can I use it many times?

Only once for one person.

Does the coupon have an expiration date?

It differs depending upon the coupon type. Please confirm the e mail in which the coupon code is written.

Can the coupon be used for any product?

Yes, the coupon can be used for any product in our site.

I have lost my coupon!

Please be advised that we cannot issue a coupon once again.


Where is the delivery company? Also, can I specify one?

Delivery in Japan will be shipped by Sagawa Express. If the payment method is cash on delivery and delivery to some areas delivery will be made by Yamato Transport.

Please understand that you cannot specify the delivery service to be used.

If I missed the delivery, can you send it again?

We are sorry for this inconvenience, but please arrange for another appointment with delivery company with the "absence notice" note from the delivery company.

We do not accept reshipment of products that have been out of the delivery company's custody period due to long absence.

I want to send the same product to two places.

We cannot deliver to two places in one order. Sorry for your inconvenience, please order separately again.

I want to change the shipping address of the ordered product.

We will accept it only before starting the product shipping is in progress. Please contact us from the inquiry form.

Please note that you cannot change the shipping address if it has already been shipped. In that case, you will be notified of your tracking number, so please contact the shipping company yourself.


Can I change or cancel my order?

After the shipping completion, cancellation, return of the product or refund request due to whatever reasons the customer may have can not be accepted.
Only in the case we receive a cancellation request before 12:00 of the product shipping date on our side, we will do our best to respond to the customer’s request. Please see below for the details of cancellation request deadline.

<The deadline for cancellation request>
Ex.)For orders which were placed between 00:00~11:59 on July 3rd
→Necessary for us to receive a cancellation request before 12:00 on the same day.
   For orders which were placed between 13:00~23:59 on July 3rd
→Necessary for us to receive a cancelation request before 12:00 on the following day, July 4th

Please note that you cannot change your order.

Can I return or exchange the products received?

We will accept returns, at the customer's expense, only if the product is unused and in original packaging within fourteen (14) days from the product received date.

In the unlikely event that the delivered product is defective, please contact us within nine (9) days after product received date and return it to us by freight (cash on delivery term) within fourteen (14) days. Shipping costs for returning defective products will be borne by us.

For more details, please visit here.


Please tell me how you donate money.

We donate a part of the sales of the products purchased by our customers to WaterAid as a supporting fund to their activities. Donation from an individual customer is not accepted.

Is it possible for you to designate the regions or types of activities for which you want to donate money?

It is all left to WaterAid to decide how to use the donation as a principle. This way they can use the donation to help those who need most at each moment, thus making their activities more efficient and flexible.

Where can we see the report on your donation?

We will put our donation report in the Tiger Bottle Site after the end of donation acceptance period.

Is it possible to donate goods instead of money?

WaterAid accepts goods by way of “Treasure Aid” or “Brand Pledge” which are NPOs specialized in goods donation. Please have a look at their websites. If you could donate something, it would be highly appreciated.

Are they open for bequest?

Yes, WaterAid accepts it. If you wish to do this, please write a will in which the official name of the organization “Specified NPO WaterAid Japan” should be written clearly as a beneficiary. For more information, please contact WaterAid.