Terms of service

The Terms shall be applied to all matters arising out of any use of Tiger Bottle (website) services operated by Tiger Corporation (the “Company”).
In using the Service, you are required to comply with the Terms of service.


  1. In using the Service, you shall effectively and irrevocably agree to the Terms of service (including other rules and regulations, such as Privacy policy, that are related to this Terms of service. The same applies hereinafter). By starting to use the Service, it shall be deemed that you agreed to the Terms of service.

  2. In case you are underage, you may use the Service only after obtaining consent to the Terms of service of your legal representative, such as a person with parental authority. By starting to use the Service, it shall be deemed that you have obtained consent of your legal representative.

  3. If any part of the Terms of service is determined invalid by any laws and regulations, any other provisions thereof shall remain in force, as well as your consent to the remaining part thereof shall continue to be in full force.

  4. We may change any part of the Terms of service as required without your approval. By posting revised content of the Terms of service on the website, it shall be deemed that you agree to the revision.


  1. Email address and password

    1. Customers shall use self-set email address and password to use the Services.Customers shall be fully responsible for use and management of self-set email address and password.
    2. Customers shall be responsible for use and management of the email address and password, and shall not transfer, lend, or disclose them to any third party.
    3. In the event that a customer became aware of a third party wrongly using the email address or password, he/she must immediately notify that to the Company.
  2. Email, etc.

    We may send you Emails on regular or irregular basis, based on the personal data that you have registered, for the purpose of promoting goods and services offered by us or our affiliated companies.
    However, in case you inform us of your preference of not receiving them, we shall stop sending those Emails.

  3. Links

    You may link to Tiger Bottle (website) without any special procedures, whether it is profit-oriented or not, provided that you agree to the following conditions.

    1. We shall assume no responsibility whatsoever for any troubles or issues related to damage compensation arising out of providing the link.
    2. We shall not guarantee any website or its content of the hyperlink destination.
    3. We may change or cancel the website constitution or the content without notice.
    4. Please use the text button for Tiger Bottle (website) for linking. You may not use any logo mark for the Company, our products, or any trademark.
    5. The following links are strictly prohibited. Any links that may make the Company’s website unidentifiable. Any links from a website that is contrary to public order and morality or that smears any officials, employees, products, or services of the Company or our group company Any links that may cause misunderstanding among the viewers that we are in collaboration with or we support the website.


  1. Your purchase order for merchandise, etc. shall be received by our server through internet connection, and the details of the order shall be recorded in our system, and then a notice of our acceptance shall be sent to you in a way specified by the Company, and that is when a purchase agreement shall be deemed finalized. We shall assume no responsibility whatsoever for any damage or disadvantage incurred by a customer due to a failure of recording of a customer’s order details in our system.

  2. Any purchase of merchandise by a customer may not be cancelled or dissolved after a purchase agreement is finalized.

  3. You shall make a payment for the merchandise, etc. by due date after the purchase agreement is finalized in a method designated by the Company. In the event that the payment was not made by the due date, the Company may terminate the purchase agreement.

  4. The ownership of the merchandise, etc. shall be transferred to the customer once the merchandise, etc. was delivered to the customer. Unless otherwise specified herein, we shall assume no responsibility for any events occurred after the transfer of the merchandise’s ownership.


  1. We shall make a delivery of the merchandise, etc., using our affiliated delivery company, to the address a customer provided by a designated input method. As for the details for delivery, any conditions provided by the delivery company shall be complied with.

  2. The shipping cost shall be borne by a customer, in principle, unless otherwise specified in an individual product page.

  3. Before you return/exchange the purchased product, please inform us within fourteen (14) days from the arrival of the product. However, we cannot accept exchanges of any product if any of the following applies.

    1. A product is flawed or broken due to reasons not attributable to the Company.
    2. A customer has not contacted us for more than fourteen (14) days for return/exchange of the product since it was received.
  4. If you wish to return/exchange defective product, please contact us within nine (9) days, and ship freight collect within fourteen (14) days since you receive the product. The Company shall bear the shipping cost for return of defective products. Once we confirmed the product return, we shall ship a non-defective product by freight prepaid or we shall make a refund.

  5. If you wish to return /exchange the purchased product for your own convenience, we shall only accept exchanges or refund for products that are unused/non-defective.
    However, orders cannot be cancelled after the order has been shipped. Regardless of whether payment is by COD or credit card, goods must be received from the delivery company, after which customers can follow the return or exchange procedures.
    In such case, the shipping cost for product delivery/return as well as an extra charge for COD shall be borne by a customer.In such case, the shipping cost for product delivery/return as well as an extra charge for COD shall be borne by a customer. In case of refund, the shipping cost for product delivery/return as well as an extra charge for COD shall be subtracted from the amount of refund. If you wish to exchange the purchased product, we need to process it as return/refund of the original product first before you may place a new order for your desired product.


The following acts are prohibited when customers use the Services.

  1. Act of using the service, information, and information for products offered on the website without prior approval of the Company regardless of whether for profit or not

  2. Act of interfering with the Service operation or any other acts posing a problem for the Service

  3. Act of using the Service with unauthorized use of credit card

  4. Act of obtaining or using log-on ID and password illegally

  5. Act of infringing trademark, copyright, privacy, or any other rights of other customers, a third party, or the Company, or any other acts posing a risk of inconvenience, disadvantage, or damage to other parties

  6. Act of writing information that is against the fact

  7. Any acts that are or may be against public policy and/or laws and regulations

  8. Act of falsifying the information about the Company, the Services, or the information provided through the Service

  9. Act of transmitting or writing harmful computer programs

  10. Any other acts that the Company considers as inappropriate for operating the Services


The Company shall handle personal data of our customers appropriately in accordance with the Privacy policy, posted separately.


In order to maintain good operating condition of the Services, the Company may temporarily stop or suspend the Services in whole or part without prior notice to the member customers for any of the following cases.

  1. Any periodic/emergency maintenance of the computer system that provides the Services

  2. The system operation becomes difficult due to fire, earthquake, flood, lightning strike, heavy snow, blackout, or extraordinary natural phenomena.

  3. The system operation becomes difficult due to system failure, illegal access from a third party, or infection of computer virus.

  4. Suspension of operation is requested by administrative/judicial agency based on reasonable grounds

  5. Any other situation where the Company determines it is inevitable to stop the system


The Company shall be exempted from liability by transaction of business according to the registration details provided by a customer.

  1. The Company shall not be responsible for any direct or indirect damage, loss, or disadvantage which may be incurred by a customer from temporary stop/suspension or alteration of the Services due to extraordinary natural phenomena or any other unavoidable technical reasons of the Company.

  2. In the event that a customer cause damage to other customer or any third party by using the Service, that customer shall solve the problem on his/her own responsibility and at his/her expense without imposing any damage, loss, or disadvantage on the Company.


All the disputes hereunder shall be brought in Osaka District Court as agreement jurisdictional court of the first trial.


The Terms shall be governed by the laws of Japan in all respects of construction and application thereof.

The Terms shall be applied starting on April 20, 2020.